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Privacy Conduct at Neona

We at Neona Believe, Your Data, Is Always Yours.


We Never Track our Reuse the Data Submitted to us by You. All The Websites Apps Developed by Neona are 100% Under Your Control^ & No access is restricted of the user to any of your Developed Resource. With our Straight forward Privacy Regulations we are intending to Create A Safer and Forward Eco System for our Users. It might me time consuming for some users but we highly recommend to kindly go through the Content mentioned below it may help you a lot in understanding some basics of Online Security and About our Privacy Conduct. If you have any more queries related to Privacy or Security please feel free to mail us at, You can always expect a replay within 48-78 Hours.

Website Security

From the Scratch development on wards we take Utmost Efforts to keep your Website Highly Secure and Hack Proof. To protect your site from Data Breaches or Spamming all our Developed sites Come equipped with A ZERO SSL Certificate by SECTIGO or An SSL By Cloudflare. Another feature that makes your site Fully Secure is that the ADMIN Login has a fully different and an Alpha Numeric URL of 50 Random Words/Numbers, The Website Admin can be only accessed with that. That’s not it!, Moreover after putting the credentials your admin is Protected with a 2 FACTOR Authentication System in which you get a Unique Login Link on your mail which is only valid for next 30-45 Minutes. What About the Source Code? Yes, we have also made it secured from developer mode of browsers. The source code of your website is fully hidden even on developer modes of browser! Now let’s come to Mysql Database & XML RPC file the main Loop Holes! Maximum sites get hacked because of these 2. So to make this impossible Your SQL Database Tables & their order is Randomized and the Location of your XML RPC file is fully changed with elevated access management.

Apps Privacy

All The Native Apps & WebApps developed by us come under our Controlled Access Technology, Our Native apps never ask for Special Access Permissions on your Device like Location Access, External Storage Access, Gallery Access etc. They flexibly work without any access. Our Web Apps never ever require any kind of File Access or External Access on your device! Also the Web Apps are kept fully Optimized! Our Apps do not expand more than 35MB after installation hence it may help you to keep your storage free! Even we never have access to any phones or their data even if our app is installed on the device. But if you opt for showing ads in Your Apps by integrating any third party of course some usage data and patterns maybe tracked by that particular third party for showing ADS. But by default our Apps never ever contain any kind of ADS OR BLOAT inside them.

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