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E-Commerce Store Features

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Sell Any type of Products

Neona Commerce Supports Every Type of Product:
1. Simple Products
2. Variable Products
3. Affiliate Products
4. Downloadable Products

In-Built Inventory Management

Inventory can be Easily managed on Neona Commerce. You can update it anytime at your ease. Even You can Edit Inventory in Bulk as well. Products Purchased by users are automatically deducted in quantity.

Receive Online Payments with Ease

Neona Commerce Supports more than 1000+ Different Payment Gateways to enable you get paid with Ease. Below are some of the Top Providers
1. Razorpay
2. PayU
3. Cashfree
4. Paytm Business
5. Instamojo
6. Paypal
7. Stripe
8. Braintree
10. 2Checkout

Bulk Data Import/Export

To Skyrocket the Management of All Kinds of Data in Your Store. Neona Commerce Gives you support to Bulk Import & Export all types of Data into Your Store.
List of Data which can be Imported/Exported
1. Products & Details
2. Users/Customers
3. Coupons/Offers List
4. Orders List
5. Store Analytics Data
6. Store Visitors Analytics
7. Product Reviews
8. Blog Comments
*Data Imported/Exported is in CSV / EXCEL Format.

Integrate any Shipping Partner

Neona Commerce gives you freedom to Integrate any Shipping Company to make Shipping Easier & Quicker.
List of Some top Shipping Companies:
1. Shyplite
2. Shiprocket
3. SellOShip
4. Pickrr
5. Delhivery
6. Ecom Express

Automatic Invoicing & Order Tracking System

Neona Commerce has an In-built System for Invoicing of Order Automatically. When an Order is received the System automatically Generates an Invoice for the User & sends it via Mail. Orders can be Tracked via Order Tracking page with automated Order ID provided to the Customer by system.

Sales Booster System

Neona Commerce has a Unique Feature to Engage Your Customers & Enable them buy the most from Your Store.
1. User Eligible Coupons are shown On Checkout.
2. Checkout is Fully Optimized by Keeping Customer Retention in Mind.
3. Frequent Product Buyers get extra Discount automatically by Configured AI.
4. Users have In-Built Wallet of Your Store to get Cashback & Spend More on your Store.
5. Sales can be Pre Scheduled Flexibly according to various Criteria.

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

Neona Commerce can be Easily Integrated with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel so that Marketing can be Done More Efficiently. This Ensures Ad Targeting to users who can actually take actions on Your Store & also helps in Keeping your Ads Budget Efficient.

Dynamic Hack Proof Security System

Neona Commerce has an In-built Security System to protect your store from Unfair Competitors & Hackers.
1. 2FA System for Admin
2. In-Built Suspicious Lockouts
3. Automatic Blocking for TOR Visitors
4. Automatic Blocking for BAD IPs.
5. Sensitive/Malware File Uploads Monitor.
6. Automated daily Malware Checks & Removals.
7. DDOS Attack Protection System
8. Country Wise Blocking System
9. Firewall System Ready
10. XML-RPC File Access Restricted for Enhanced Security. 

SEO Ready & Google Shops Optimized

Neona Commerce Built Store Site is Fully Configured for Search Engine Optimization & Rank Better On Web, Products Added even can be made visible in Google Shops.

User Signup & Login

Neona Commerce has an In-built User Authentication System for Enhanced Security. Users can Login & Register with OTP (No Api Needed). Google & Facebook Login/Signups can be added as well.

Native Android App

App Provided is Fully Native & Optimized with Automatic Order Status Updates & Manual Push Notifications. The app is Listed for Free On Google Play Store As well.

24/7 Support with Dedicated Dashboard

With Neona Commerce You are Never alone to manage Your Store. Neona Concierge Support has always taken your Back. You get Knowledgebase access with Video Tutorials to Operate Your N Commerce Console.

Your Store & Orders are Managed by Us

To Enable the Actual Growth of Your Online Store, Below things are managed by Us for Free:
1. Orders Management & Shipping
2. Festive Updates on Online Store
3. User Engagement Strategies
4. Technical Maintenance
5. Social Media Handles

Free Digital Marketing

As a Major Point for Growth, Neona Commerce also Provides you with Free Social Media Marketing for Your Online Store.
1. 3 Consecutive Running Ads on Each Social Platform
2. Social Accounts Creation & Management
3. Detailed Audience Targeting
4. Shopping Optimized Ads
5. Low Cost Campaigns with Higher Sales Intent.

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